Language shop - Translated elements shown in default language

Hi Shopware community,

Since I am not a developer, but having an online shop, all of your feedback will be really helpful.

I have a shop (DE), with two extra language shop (FR and IT).
The translated snippets are correctly shown in the shop, but unfortunately some elements are still shown as the base (DE) language.

Some example:

I made the translations also for the payment, delivery, salutation methods, but it they are still shown in the language shop, as the basic (DE).

Do you know what can cause this problem, or how can I solve it, to see these elements also in translated version, if someone for example orders in French or Italian language?

Really appreciate all help, or if someone can take a look at it, with better SW6 experience.

Thank you for your help and wish you a great day!


Still didn’t find a solution for the problem. Do you have any idea where should I find the problem, or start to check? Or if someone has a language shop, is it working for them? Really appreciate your help in advance! (Shopware version:

Variables which get translated usually are named whatever.translated.value

Without looking into the documentation my guess is that you are using variables that are not translated.

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