Issue with `s_core_sessions` after update to Shopware 5.2.20

Hello guys,

We got a strange error after update shopware to 5.2.20.

Looks like table s_core_sessions all the time locked, because of this, probably, we have CPU load to 100%.

Maybe someone know what can be reason of such behavior?

Many thanks!

Please have a look at our developer documentation: Shopware Session handling


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Thank you Moritz, already find it, but I’m not sure, do I need to disable locking?

It depends on the issues you are facing. Are there too many sessions (many different users) or long running querries that are blocking the session querries?
The disabling can be a temporary solution but you should try to figure out what is blocking the querries. Perhaps a slow querry log can help you with that. If there are too many users it can be helpful to use redis or memcache as session handler.

Long running query…

Yes, looks like you right, we have one seo plugin which works not good for us, but we still waiting answer from support…

Thank you Moritz, will waiting when support will fix this issue and then we will check.