Installation Error

Key path “file:///app/config/jwt/public.pem” does not exist or is not readable

how do i solve this?


By adjusting the file owner of your shopware installation according to the system you are using. The key needs 0600 permissions and the  Webserver needs access to it. Changing the owner of the files to the one that runs the webserver should be sufficient.

chown application:application /app/config/jwt/p* for everone that wants to copy&paste :wink:

Well, this suggestions are perfect but not working. I can neither change attributes nor owner of files or folder. I am in the container with root rights! So any other suggestions?

The directory jwt has not set the x flag by default.

chmod +x config/jwt

solved it in my case.

User Notice: Key file „file:///var/www/html/config/jwt/private.pem“ permissions are not correct, recommend changing to 600 or 660 instead of 777