Index notification is always running in Shopware 6

Index notification is always running in Shopware 6. Even if I try to cancel it, it starts again.


By default, the DB is used as the backend for the message queue. Check the table enqueue.

Maybe just truncate the table message_queue_stats which rebuild the message stats which are used for that UI. Most of the time that resolves stuck stats that refuse to update.

Hello dear Shopware community,

just like @abinjohnedamana we have the same problem that the message queue notifications in the admin panel don’t go away.

We have two crons running:

  • bin/console messenger:consume --memory-limit=512M --time-limit=180 -vv
  • bin/console scheduled-task:run --memory-limit=512M --time-limit=180

According to our cron log, the scheduled task and the messenger are working correctly and the queue is being processed … I don’t get any CRITICAL or similar error messages … only of the INFO type.

We also checked the dead_messages, enqueue, and message_queue_stats tables, they are all empty. How come the notifications don’t go away?

For evidence, I would be very grateful!

greetings Marco

Thats really odd, since the table message_queue_stats is responsible for the picture you have posted.

@Max_Shop … yes . it really sucks. Dont know where SW get these data from.

Hi @Max_Shop, @abinjohnedamana

hey guys … we`ve found a little workaround to get these messages away.
There is a table called increment. have a look at the column ‚cluster‘ and set a filter to ‚message_queue_stats‘ .

There is a entry called ‚Shopware\Core\Content\Product\DataAbstractionLayer\ProductStreamMappingIndexingMessage‘ and ‚Shopware\Core\Content\Product\DataAbstractionLayer\ProductIndexingMessage‘ … after deleting this entries message queue works corretly now. the deleted entries will be created again if you update a product in your shop.

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this works also for thumbnails and category indexing :heart_eyes:

Oh, I have confused the table. The first one contains the single entries, increment the summarised value. If you clear the first table, you always have to set the corresponding value in increment to 0.

@Max_Shop oh yes, it’s better to set the value to 0 instead of deleting the entries. it`s safer :upside_down_face:

@Max_Shop @marco.meister

The increment table is only available from Shopware version

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