How to upload image throu light weight plugin??

Hello sir !I have made a image upload plugin and it has made thro shopware lightweight module but i have in trouble when i upload image 

1)how to define a path where my image has to be physically save 

2)how to save this this image name into database and then how to retrive it as well in any page 

i have installed lightweight plugin and used as well but their is no option such like that so kindly help me sir my action is : 

**public function** setAction() { //$basePath = $this-\>request-\>getBasePath().'/media/upload/'; $uploadedFile = ''; /\*if(!empty($\_FILES["file"]["type"])){ $fileName = time().'\_'.$\_FILES['file']['name']; echo $fileName;die(); $temporary = explode(".", $\_FILES["file"]["name"]); $sourcePath = $\_FILES['file']['tmp\_name']; $targetPath = $this-\>request-\>getBasePath().'/media/upload/'. $fileName; if(move\_uploaded\_file($sourcePath,$targetPath)){ $uploadedFile = $fileName; } }\*/ $name = $this-\>Request()-\>getParam('name'); //$image = $this-\>Request()-\>$fileName; $articleid = $this-\>Request()-\>getParam('articleid'); $image = $this-\>Request()-\>file\_put\_contents('file', 'name'); **echo** $image; **die** (); $desc = $this-\>Request()-\>getParam('desc'); $desclong = $this-\>Request()-\>getParam('desclong'); $sts = $this-\>Request()-\>getParam('sts',0); $sql = "insert into bcgh\_custom\_data (name,article\_id, description, descriptionLong,active,image) values ('{$name}', {$articleid}, '{$desc}', '{$desclong}',{$sts},'{$image}')"; var\_dump($sql); **die** (); $data = Shopware()-\>Db()-\>exec($sql); /\*return $this-\>redirect( array( 'controller'=\> 'ExampleModulePlainHtml', 'action' =\> 'index')



what would i used here properly 

my input field name is „image“ my target action is setAction

Hey Rizwan,
I think what you are looking for, is the Media Service. So you can easily check if a product image/file exists and if necessary upload a new one.
Creating the correct paths takes over the service for you.

Create a folder via SFTP/FTP, e.g. “pdf”, “upload” or what ever.

Here is a small example for u:

$mediaService = Shopware()->Container()->get('shopware_media.media_service');

// Whatever u want do with the name
$_name = $_FILES['file']['name']; 

$_file_content = file_get_contents($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);

// Check
if($mediaService->has("media/pdf/$_name") === false){
	// upload to media Folder in md5 Format
	try {
		$mediaService->write("media/pdf/$_name", $_file_content);
	} catch(Exception $e) {
		echo '';
		echo '';


I hope I could give you a little inspiration.


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ok i will try n then let u know Optimondo


when submit form it’s showing this error can you help me more please what should i do now and when i revoke the try case n var_dump $_file_content it show null

try to use setNoRender()

 Shopware()-\>Plugins()-\>Controller()-\>ViewRenderer()-\>setNoRender(); $mediaService = Shopware()-\>Container()-\>get('shopware\\_service'); $\_name= $\_FILES['image']['name']; var\_dump($\_name);die(); $\_file\_content = file\_get\_contents($\_FILES['image']['tmp\_name']); var\_dump($\_file\_content);die(); if($mediaService-\>has("media/upload/$\_name") === false){ try { $mediaService-\>write("media/upload/$\_name", $\_file\_content); } catch(Exception $e) { echo '

    '; print\_r($e); echo '

'; exit; } } still it shows null

thank you sir with the help of yours i have resolved the issue n now my image has beeen saving both side