How to show manufacturer / hersteller in the order confirmation email?


I used to have a workaround to show the manufacturer in the order confirmation email template by using this piece of code:

	{{ dbquery('name', 'product_manufacturer_translation', {'product_manufacturer_id =': dbquery('product_manufacturer_id', 'product', {'id =': dbquery('IF(parent_id IS NULL, id, parent_id)', 'product', {'id =': lineItem.identifier|uuid2bytes})})}, {('IF(language_id = "%s", 1, 0)'|format(languageid())): 'DESC'}) }}{% endif %}

However, since 6.3.3, this code is not working anymore. Who can help me find the right way to fetch and display the manufacturer (or hersteller) name for each line item? 

Thanks in advance!

Somehow, the code now works - I must have made a typo in the template somewhere. That is something that would be very welcome by the way; some way of error reporting on e-mailtemplates. 

Keep up the good work!