How to make custom API to list all customers logged in between 2 dates?

I have created this so far:



    public function getList($from, $to)
        $builder = $this->getCustomerQueryBuilder();

        $query = $builder->getQuery();

        $paginator = $this->getManager()->createPaginator($query);
        $totalResults = $paginator->count();

        if($totalResults <= 0) {
            throw new ApiException\NotFoundException('Error message');

        $rawCustomerList = $paginator->getIterator()->getArrayCopy();

        $customerList = array_map(function($customer){
            $customer['lastlogin'] = date_timestamp_get($customer['lastlogin']);
            return $customer;
        }, $rawCustomerList);

        return $customerList;

     * @return \Doctrine\ORM\QueryBuilder
    private function getCustomerQueryBuilder()
        $builder = $this->getRepository()->createQueryBuilder('Customer');

            ->select(' as id')
            ->addSelect(' as email')
            ->addSelect('Customer.firstname as firstName')
            ->addSelect('Customer.lastname as lastName')
            ->addSelect('Customer.lastLogin as lastlogin')
            ->where(' = 1');

        return $builder;


and in controller I have indexAction method:


    public function indexAction()
        $result = $this->resource->getList($from, $to);

        // Response
        $this->View()->assign(['success' => true, 'data' => $result]);


This will give me the list of ALL users and what i need is to set 2 parameters for date scope ($from, $to) and get all the users with lastLogin between those 2 dates.

But I don’t know how to add parameters in Action method. In docu says that there are only these actions and we can only set one parameter for some of them:

Action name	Request type	parameter
indexAction	get request	no
getAction	get request	id
batchAction	put request	no
putAction	put request	id
postAction	post request	data fields
batchDeleteAction	delete request	no
deleteAction	delete request	id