How to get Enlight_Event_EventArgs $arguments in front end plugin php action function

Hi i want Enlight_Event_EventArgs $arguments in class Shopware_Controllers_Frontend_test extends Enlight_Controller_Action function name  public function createNewId() 

Thank you in advance

Hi jayzee,

I’m afraid, we cannot help you without further detail about what you would like to accomplish.
Could you write a few lines more, please?

Best regards

Hi jayzee,

in addtion to Marcus: „Enlight_Event_EventArgs“ ist just a context object used for events. So generally don’t want / need it in your controllers. Usually you can access all relevant services from your controller directly:

  • $this->View()
  • $this->Request()
  • $this->Response()
  • $this->get(‚some_service‘)