How to extend the search on the storefront to search also custom fields?

Hi All,

I have a couple of custom fields associated with products. How can I extend the functionality of search so that it also searches if the query text is contained in the custom fields of any product. I need an OR relation, i.e., query text is in either product name, custom field 1, custom field 2.

I read another question in this forum for the same. However, the links were broken and the ProductSearchKeywordIndexer it referred to seems to be depreceated. Could you please tell me how to solve this issue?

We build our own Elasticsearch Index with a scheduled command to use Ekasticsearch also in Community Edition.

Now we a free to search whatever we want with custom logic if we need…

Is there a way to do this without building own elasticsearch index? Or is it a necessity?

I have searched quite a lot for this fix but for the life of me can’t find it and … I am using Advanced Custom Fields 4.4.2 to store a list of business types … with that text in is also (which may not contain the custom field in it). … it pre-indexes your custom fields (and thus keeps your public searches up to speed) alaskasworld