How to Clean cache from Showpare 6 Admin Page ?

I am unable to find the place where the cache can be cleaned in Shopware 6, also the cli command throws an error when trying to clean the cache.

Will be possible with 6.2. Currently you have delete using cli or just remove the folder in /var/cache

So it is not possible to compile the theme also?


There are cli commands for.

Using the admin you have to open the saleschannel and assign a theme to the sales channel

The cli throws errors, is there some problems also?

 Return value of Shopware\Core\Framework\Event\BusinessEventDispatcher::disp  

  atch() must be an instance of Shopware\Core\Framework\Event\object, instanc  

  e of Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleErrorEvent returned    

@davit_sargsyan‍ it is not possible. you have to use the  command line CLI for it.

Is the command bin/console theme:change MyCustomTheme this one?


You don’t have PHP 7.2 installed

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That worked indeed, thanks!

I use this:

You know that a shop system is neither recommendable nor final if you need to pay EUR 20.00 for a plugin to empty the cache without the CLI…