How to change the product numbers dropdown menu?


How can I edit the product numbers dropdown menu?

When the number of items is set to 2000, it causes slowdown in Firefox.
I want to change it to a input field of type number instead of the select box.

​Is that possible?

Thank You!

Not built in, but there is a plugin:

(unfortunately in German only)

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But I need to know which files are related to this part so I can change them.

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The select field is generated here: shopware/buy.tpl at 5.3 · shopware/shopware · GitHub

Please do not modify this file directly as it would be overridden within the next update. Follow this guide to extend the theme without loosing the changes after an update: Getting started with Shopware templating

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Thank you very much!

In the file frontend/detail/buy.tpl,
I am trying to replace the following code:

    {section name="i" start=$sArticle.minpurchase loop=$maxQuantity step=$sArticle.purchasesteps} 
        {$smarty.section.i.index}{if $sArticle.packunit}{$sArticle.packunit}{/if}


I assigned the same id and name attributes so that it does not affect any related script.
I am not sure if I am doing it correctly or if It will work this way.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!