How list sub categories names and images only not products from them ?

I’ve such category structure: Main Parent category for products Products which contain 10 sub categories SubCategory1 … SubCategory10. When I click in menu to link „Products“ it show page where are listeg products from all subCategories of category Products. Does shopware have such view where there will be list of SubCategories names + eventually images of this subcategories but NOT products from them, I tried to find plugin for that but I didn’t find anything what could help. It should be basic funtion easy to setup but I didn’t found anything which in backend whoch allow my to setup view where I can just list only categories names + their images but not products form them.

U mean someting like that?


		$categories = Shopware()->Modules()->Categories()->sGetWholeCategoryTree($categoryId);
		foreach ($categories as $value){
    		foreach ($value["sub"] as $subvalue){

this is some code from an own plugin … maybe it will help u

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