error in Shop "XXXXX".

Hello community, :shopware: I keep receiving error at my email address everytime website is unique visited, although the picture is located and linked correctly. :frowning: I attached picture. Asking for assistance here. :slight_smile: Best regards :thumbup:

Nothing to worry. It’s just an info message. The system behind saving pictures inside the shopware file management system has changed. The message just tells you that an old route was found and now got changed.

Hello steinsoftware, I still keep receiving the same error everyday. I dont understand the problem, i added this image into the feld, and for some reason shopware are from itself replacing it into other folder. with strange endings /media/image/e0/d0/94/ (this is not even seo freandly ) although i placed the image at /media/image/header_icons/ PS. I find discusting the structure of the media folder. Please someone explain. Best regards :thumbup:

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