"Duplicate product" option not available

Hi forum

We just bought SW6, installed it and were setting up our shop. We wanted to copy some repetitive products and edit them afterwards, but option to duplicate (copy) products isn’t even available - see screenshot. What could be the reason for that? A bug?

Thanks for helping out

There is no “duplicate product” functinality implemented yet.

I have created an improvement request for your case: Shopware Issuetracker

Thank you for your reply Moritz.

I don’t quite understand the state of the software. Generally, the actual version seems to be lacking many (basic) things and is quite buggy. We also tried to let the frontend show prices including tax, but even though the customer groups are correctly defined (brutto), it doesn’t work. We’ve encountered quite some limitations like these.

I guess my question is: version 6 doesn’t seem finished or usable for end user. Should we downgrade to Version 5 until everything is fixed? We absolutely lack the time (and skills) to help develop the app and don’t want to keep posting issues here.

What do you recommend we should do?


if you bought the software, you are able to get direct support through the shopware account. I am sure there are many things that can be solved by our support team. There is no current issue with taxes - so I think this could be solved by contacting the official software support.

We are in an early state of the product and it ist meant as MVP, so many things are could not be compared to shopware 5, since shopware 6 is a new product with different functionalities. If you need a product that helps you to set up a shop very quickly, I guess shopware 5 is the right way to go. Shopware 6 has a lot of potential, but at the current state you need to individualize (plugin porgramming) some things for your usecases.