Do snippets change when you update Shopware?

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A Shopware newbie here from the Netherlands, hope there is someone here to help me :slight_smile:

I am building a webshop in Shopware 6 and it has been a bumpy road. I have read in the Shopware Docs that it is possible to show your webshop in Dutch by installing the Language Pack extension. So I did, but the performance of the webshop and especially the loading time decreased massively. Once I deactivated the Language Pack, the webshop was back on the ‚normal speed‘, so the Language Pack was the problem here.

I work in Shopware version and I wanted to update, but when I did, I got the ‚maintenance screen‘ and the only way to get rid of that screen was to delete the update folder from the directory. So I don’t think I will be updating very soon :wink:

To make sure people will be able to visit the website in Dutch, I figured I could just translate all the snippets in en-GB to Dutch manually and fix my translation problem like that. It will take a while, but eventually the entire webshop will be in Dutch.
But my question is: does anyone know if the snippets will change (back) once you update Shopware (if I will ever be able to update it to a newer version ;-))?

Hope there is someone here to help me out (or if you have other advise, PLEASE shoot :slight_smile: )

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The original snippets are in json files. When you override a snippet, that change will be saved in the database. Thus it is update safe.

You should deactivate all languages, that are not needed. Per default all 2xx languages are activated.

You could open the en-GB.json file an replace everything with the Dutch file. Then you are done within seconds.

@Max_Shop thank you so much for your answer. Very happy to hear I could use this method :slight_smile:

Not the brightest question maybe :wink: But how do I open the en-GB.json file? Do you mean just in the backend in the snippets section, or in a more ‚developer‘ way? :wink:

I would recommend to try the language pack again with the way I described. I have never seen that a shop gets massiv slower because of more languages.

If it does not work, download you Shopware version from Shopware Changelog | Shopware and unzip it on you computer. Then search for en-GB.json files. Then you know where they are. But there are quite a lot, I did not know.

Or like you mentioned, translate it via the backend. But that is so much effort for nothing.

@Max_Shop thanks again for your quick response.

When I installed the Language Pack I have de-activated all languages besides the Dutch language. It didn’t make any difference in loading speed. Or do I need to delete all languages?
I also didn’t expect the website to get so slow from the Language Pack, but it really took at least 6 sec per page to load… Could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that my Shopware has a lower version than the Language Pack’s version and therefore it doesn’t really reinforce each other?

I’m going to try it with your suggestion, thanks very much for thinking with me!

As long as the plugin states (in the Shopware online store) that it is compatible, the version numbers are completely irrelevant.