develop custom CMS block in product mode

Hi i try Adding a custom CMS block in my admin panel  i use of this dcoument

I couldn’t succeed…

I have to deiffrent versiton of shopw ware 6  in my system…

1-Version dev-master mode (i install with docker and i can acceses  ./psh.pha statement

2-Shopware platform code .I don’t have  access to . /psh.pha statement

This code works in dev-master mode but doesn’t work in Shopware platform mode because i can not run ./psh.phar administration:build

Generally i can develop a custom CMS block in Shopware platform mode?? if i can in finall step how i can use of ./psh.phar administration:build while I don’t have access to it

Check the “bin” Direktory, there you can find “watch/build-administration/Storefront” you maybe need to chmod +x those files.

Its possible to ein shopware6 without node-js in production Server but then you need to build your Storefront and Administration in a dev-enviroment with node. When you build without node the previous built js&scss files are copied and merged from those bash scripts which i mentoined above.