Decorate SearchBundle


In Shopware 5, I need to extend the standard search function (from the header) in a way that products with a cetrain condition wil be excluded from the search results. I craeted a plugin and added a service xml what contains:

    <service class="TresSearchExtension\SearchBundleDBAL\Condition\SearchTermConditionHandler" id="tres_search_extension.search_bundle_dbal.condition.search_term_condition_handler">
        <tag name="condition_handler_dbal" />

In my SearchTermConditionHandler I added the supportsCondition and the generateCondition
For testing I added some log events.
The problem is that my SearchTermConditionHandler is not called? What ever I try I don’t get any logging information. even when I make a type in my code, it’s not executed.
No idea what I do wrong.

Any help is welcome.

class SearchTermConditionHandler implements ConditionHandlerInterface
public function supportsCondition(ConditionInterface $condition)
error_log(print_r($condition, true)."\n", 3, Shopware()->DocPath() . ‚/var/log/supportsCondition_‘ . date(„Ymd“) . ‚.log‘);

  return ($condition instanceof SearchTermCondition);


public function generateCondition(
ConditionInterface $condition,
QueryBuilder $query,
ShopContextInterface $context
) {
// $query->andWhere(‚s_articles_details.instock > 0‘);

  error_log(print_r($query, true)."\n", 3, Shopware()->DocPath() . '/var/log/CategoryConditionHandler_' . date("Ymd") . '.log');


Hope someone can help me to get further with this.

Missing decorates="" Tag ?

Hi, I followed the instruction from the documentation (Full implementation - with condition (with DBAL))
There is in the xml no decorates tag?

Already solved it myself. Was missing some files: