Cypress Testing, ./psh.phar e2e:open Fehler: No protocol specified

I set up a new Dev Environment  and followed the guide to open the cypress test runner


./psh.phar e2e:open

resultes in the following output:

Using .psh.yaml.dist 

Starting Execution of 'e2e:open' ('/path/to/sw6/installation/dev-ops/e2e/actions/')

(1/2) Starting
> if ["" = "1"]; then bash ./dev-ops/e2e/scripts/ Administration http://localhost:8000 /path/to/sw6/installation; fi
(2/2) Starting
> if ["" != "1"]; then bash ./dev-ops/e2e/scripts/ 5dae196a24bc43fd75a5af637535feb86d940b9e81896176fda135f107d8fac1 Administration http://localhost:8000; fi
	Cypress environment: Administration
	App-URL: http://localhost:8000
	### Starting Cypress
	No protocol specified
	(Cypress:92): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:39:50.737: cannot open display: :0
Duration: 1s
All commands successfully executed!


Cypress logs: No protocol specified and exits.

Any Ideas what went wrong?


Hello Smile

I assume you are working on a docker environment, right? In this case, a configuration could be missing, see the installation guide.

Based on this guide you need to forward the XVFB messages from Cypress out of the Docker container into an X11 server running on the host machine. The guide mentioned shows an example for Mac; other operating systems might require different commands. A starting point is trying out xhost configuration fitting to your needs.

If this configuratoin didn’t help or you got other questions, please don’t hesitate to post here. Smile

Kind regards,