Custom theme creation

I want to make a custom shopware theme, created one by using the documentation. Emptied out my theme.json. Expectation is theme without anything, no markup, no content nothing. I come from WooCommerce, so an empty theme means an empty frontend.

When i visit the frontend of my shopware theme i see this:

Why is there any content? I haven’t done any templating yet.

Also, if i view my theme settings:

Why is my theme derived from ‚Shopware default theme‘ ??? And why are there theme settings present? My theme is empty.

As i come from WooCommerce, this is really confusing, even after reading the docs.

I’d love someone to clarify this.

My theme.json:

    "name": "Rowan",
    "author": "RvZ",
    "views": [],
    "style": [],
    "script": [],
    "asset": []