create update and delete an article from rest api

I recently started learning the shopware. I have a problem of create , update and delete an artikel from Rest API. I added the code…For the update and delete data from an REST API in …\engine\Shopware\Components\Api\Resource\Article.php $articleResource = \Shopware\Components\Api\Manager::getResource(‘Article’); $articleResource->delete(2); $articleResource->update(4, array(‘name’ => ‘Dummy Translation1’, ‘description’ => ‘Dummy Translation1’)); But for the create its is not working :oops: $articleResource->create(array(‘name’ => ‘VEry nwew’, ‘description’ => ‘Dummy Translation1’, ‘tax’ => 2,‘mainDetail’ => array( ‘number’ => ‘SW16623456’ ))); Also if i want to create or update 1000 of article. How can i do it. Do i have to write the seprate PHP Script for this. Please help me in this