Change snippets for Swedish

I’m trying to change a snippets in the Swedish language (the translation for „In stock“ on product page).

The language package are installed and the shop is set to Swedish (default is English).

Going to Settings > Snippets there is a snippets set for Swedish. Click on Edit snippet set, and then searching for „Omedelbar“. I get an hit for the word. When selecting the text snippets for editing, I get a list of several languages, but not for Swedish. The language list ends with "Snippet set: LanguagePack sl-SI "

Can the snippets be change in any other way?

Regards, Magnus

To my knowledge, snippets do not have to be created for all languages.

If the snippet is missing for a language, just create it. The next time you click on it you should see it with all the other language translations.

Oh sorry, I guess I did not read your question carefully.

Do not click on the name on the left, double click in the text. Then you can edit the text on the search site.

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