Can I use elasticsearch/opensearch in community edition?

For now I’m planning to use Shopware for free, with community edition for a startup project.

In the dev documentation I read about using Elasticsearch/Opensearch and started setting it up according to the docs. However, at the same time I see in the docs that:

To configure which fields and elements are searchable when using Elasticsearch, you must install the extension Advanced Search.

And seeing that:
The Advanced Search is available to you as an extension of the Shopware Evolve plan.

I’m not sure therefore, what is included in the Community/free plan, is opensearch included at all, and only configuring special/custom fields is part of the Evolve plan, or the whole Elasticsearch belongs to paid plans only?

Started thinking also as although I followed instructions to setup ES, I’m getting:

No alive nodes found in your cluster

For Shopware 6.4.20.x currently only elasticsearch 7 seems to be working properly.
For 6.5.0 neither elasticsearch nor opensearch ran successfully in my setup

Make sure to setup your .env properly:

SHOPWARE_ES_THROW_EXCEPTION=1 # this prevents querying the DB as fallback
bin/console es:admin:index
bin/console es:index