Article detail page (mobile view) thumbnails scrolling problem

Hello everyone,

I have a custom theme created from the responsive one. In the article detail page > image slider (mobile view) I have the thumbnails navigation as „display:block;“ which by default it comes as „display:none“. So far so good, I have placed the thumbnails under the main image, but the problem comes when I try to scroll up or down on the viewport when your finger is hover the thumbnails, it just does not work. Is there a way to fix that? is it a javascript related topic?

To if my custom theme was the problem I opened the shopware demo site (mobile view) with the google chrome inspector opened, tweaked the css „.image–thumbnails .image-slider–thumbnails“ a little to display it and placed above the main image, just to test and then tried to scroll but it didn’t work either.

Any help about this?