API integration to html, css and js pages

I am a complete beginner and i’m looking to use shopware for headless commerce sites. I have lots of experience with HTML, CSS and JS, but very little with server side coding. Is it possible to use the API to simply add shopware feautures to a standard HTML web page and if so, how?

Everything you need to know: https://shopware.stoplight.io

I read through the documentation, but i don’t fully understand how i integrate the api into an HTML, CSS and JS site built within dreamweaver.

That is not part of the Shopware API. You integrate it into HTML/JS like you would integrate any other API.

GitHub - apertureless/shopware-api-client: 🛍 Javascript API Client for Shopware is an example for Shopware 5. Just google how to implement API calls from HTML/JS.