Good morning, 

I put 5 accessories in the beckend, in the „cross selling“ section (shopware 5.6) , but then on the online page I see only 4. Is there a setting to determine how many accessories you can see?

Do you have a solution? Thank you

Einstellungen -> Grundeinstellungen -> Storefront -> Crossselling/Ähnliche Artikel 

thanks for the answer, but I need ACCESSORIES, not similar items…where can I find it? 

Hi, Accessories in SW-Language is “related article”. When you check your theme variables, they are stored in $sArticle.sRelatedArticles . When called, they end up in the “product_slider.tpl” like any kind of featured articles in theme or einkaufswelt.

I think there is no way you can manipulate “related articles” in the Backend.

So what can you do now? I would check if the Variable/Array of $sArticle.sRelatedArticles is filed with Products. If true than you might have the same bug as me where i can store as many similar or related article, but it will only show 3 and repeat itself after that.