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Hello, I want to add a fee of 25 Euro for example when the "Cash on delivery" payment is selected in the cart.
I have searched in the admin panel and "HowTos" section in the shopware, but I couldn't find something relevant.
Does anyone know how can I add the fee from admin panel or how can I added it from code?

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  • EikeBrandtWarnekeEikeBrandtWarneke AdministratorsComments: 2990 Received thanks: 677 Member since: June 2013

    Shopware does not support additional fees for specific payment methods (yet). You have to use a plugin for your use-case.
    One example:

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    Hi, in Germany it is not allowed to put an extra Fee to a "general Payment", General Payments are  most used payments for online sales.

    So you have to clear in your country if it is allowed or not and if cash on delivery would be a general payment or not in the laws view...

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    Auf Englisch kann ich es nicht erklären, aber:
    Man kann eine Zahlart Nachnahme anlegen und eine Versandkostenart Nachnahme. Dann ordnet man den Versandkosten "Nachnahme" die Zahlart Nachnahme zu.

    Bei der Versandkosten "Nachnahme" gibt man die Beträge inkl. Nachnahmegebühr an.

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    As explaind by Toric, I just wrote it in English.

    create shipping for Cash on delivery, add the payment COD to this shipping method.

    So now you can add the fee to the shipping cost for COD, this should be safe.

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