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I have been given the task of solving an error for a website. I am not a programmer and only have a basic understanding of shopwares Coding and file system. Please keep this in mind for any help you give thanks :).

I have been given a shopware shop to fix. This shop suffers from an error that causes neither shopping worlds nor shops to appear on the frontend though website itself still works somewhat.

Here is the error : 

exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template "/var/www/vhosts/"  on line 36 "<a href="{$sArticle.linkDetails|rewrite:$sArticle.articleName}"" unknown modifier "rewrite"' in /var/www/vhosts/

I have asked technical support for help but they have told me that this is a developers issue and reffered me to the forums. Though they did tell me it was an issue with the Smarty for the theme.

I dont even know where to start, please help.

Sincerely, Aslan Hoskin


  • MurmeltierMurmeltier MitgliedKommentare: 585 Danke erhalten: 112 Mitglied seit: April 2017

    Is it a fresh installation of Shopware?

  • ShyimShyim MitgliedKommentare: 533 Danke erhalten: 233 Mitglied seit: Mai 2015

    The rewrite Modifier has been removed with shopware 5.3. You have to remove it from our theme.

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