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We have approximately 500 multi-variant products that are made up of several thousand SKUs, which I need to import into Shopware really quickly.

The products are quite diverse and require 24 different configurator sets, as follows:

  • Colour
  • Door Thickness, Finish
  • Finish
  • Handedness, Colour
  • Handedness, Spindle Length
  • Height
  • Height, Colour
  • Length
  • Length, Colour
  • Length, Colour, Base Gasket
  • Projection, Polycarbonate Tint, Frame Colour
  • etc...etc...etc...

I have created several import files (one for each configurator set) to make it more manageable and filled with what I believe to be essential data.

I have followed rows of what are essentially parent articles with the variants and provided the relevant mainnumber and configuratorOptions but although the SKUs all get imported, they are not bound to the main article on the frontend nor is the Variations tab available on the backend.

So I have a few questions...

  1. Should an import like this work? If so, any ideas why it may not be?
  2. Must a configuratorsetID be provided in the CSV and therefore exist prior to import, meaning that the import routine does not create the configurator set based on the configuratorOptions?
  3. If configurator sets must exist beforehand, is there a convenient way to create them and get the configuratorsetID or must I create a bogus product with the options and export to get the set id?

Thanks in advance for any help,



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