What is the correct technical name of a theme

I have tried to upload a theme to the Merchant area of my Shopware account. After some support from Shopware, the issue is:
*The zipped folder needs the exact same name as the technical name of your app. The name of the folder was different. *

The theme is created in the Terminal with:
bin/console theme:create

(I want the theme to be „… derived from the Shopware default theme“)

In the composer.json (inside custom/plugin/MyTestTheme) the value for the name is:
"name": "swag/theme-skeleton"
Is this „the technical name“? What shall the name be changed to? Can I put anything I like there?

In the theme.json the value for the name is:
"name": "MyTestTheme"

The folder name is MyTestTheme and therefor the zip file is MyTestTheme.zip


MyTestTheme is the correct file name, but I do not think that’s the problem.

Do not use Windows or Mac integrated zip tools. They produce non standard zip files which do not provide all possible meta data.

Use e.g. KEKA for Mac or for Windows 7zip.

If it still does not work, just upload you plugin via FTP an enter bin/console plugin:refresh in den CLI. Then you can install the plugin.

Hi @Max_Shop
Yes, I’m on a Mac but are already using Keka for zipping.

There is no problem installing (and using) the theme on a local installation of SW. The issue it that when I try to upload it to my Shopware Account (Manufacturer area). During the automatic code review, I get an error. And, according to SW Support, it is because of the Technical name".

// Magnus

I see, but then you cannot use swag/theme-skeleton or MyTestTheme. I guess these are just examples.

Maybe you need something like MyUniqueDeveloperSignaturePluginName, e.g. IammagnusFirstTheme

Thanks @Max_Shop
I was thinking about something like this. Have search the whole Internet ( :grin:) but can not find how to split the name - with a developer signatur. Found a few examples, but none explains „why“.

Well, I have to ask SW support for more information…

Because namespaces of all plugins/developers must be unique. If everyone would name his plugin MyFirstPlugin, conflicts would emerge.