Shopware 6 Academy in English On-site and Online trainings Roadmap

I would be interested in more information about the plans / roadmap for the Shopware 6 Academy in English.

Currently on the On-site trainings page there are only Shopware 6 Trainings in German. Are there any plans regarding Trainings in English for this year, 2019?

Also currently on the Online trainings page there are only Shopware 5 Trainings. By when could we expect to have the Online trainings for Shopware 6 in English?

I’m aware of the Shopware 6 webinar(s) which were helpful as a quick introduction.


the trainings on-site are always in german, however, template and developer trainings are also visited by english speaking people, everything shown in there is also in english available and the trainers will just switch to english if there is anyone who is not german-speaking. Online you can already find multiple trainings for shopware 6, also everything in english. Did you have a look into this topic recently?

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