Shopware 5 methods alternative in Shopware 6

Hi , i working on upgrading module from shopware 5 to shopware 6 . what will be the best alternative to the following shopware 5 methods in shopware 6.

Shopware()->Config()->getByNamespace('Plugin-name', 'i-think-configname');

i want to call these methods in service that i have created .i am using service in admin controller

Hi, I am not familiar with Shopware 5, but it looks like you are trying to extract a value from a plugin configuration. If that is the case, then the equivalent would be something like:

$this->configService->get('Plugin-name' . '.config.' . 'i-think-configname');

For more information and examples, you can go through the plugin config tutorial on my blog:

@Shopwarian thank you. i will try.