Shopware 5.7.17 RC1 published

hey community :wave:

As we had a good experience with the last one, we want to release an RC first again for the upcoming Shopware 5.7.17 .
We do not expect possible breaks, but we still want to give you the time and opportunity to test.Some of the improvements:

  • PHP 8.2 compatibility
  • Unavailable variants for products with more than two different options are now marked more clearly and are easier to recognize. (52 upvotes)
  • The salutation field can now be disabled and a new salutation „not specified“ was added (38 upvotes)
  • Improved changing a variant product to a normal product (25 upvotes)
  • Fixed similar shown products on the detail page if a product is not available (17 upvotes)
  • Performance improvements on the checkout confirm page (for those who know: „sGetBasket“ is only called once now, instead of four times :grin: :muscle: )

We have a total of 35 tickets included in the upcoming release, 8 of which come directly from you, the community (thanks a bunch! :blue_heart: :tada: )

Changelog Shopware Changelog | Shopware
Tag on GitHub: Release 5.7.17 RC1 · shopware/shopware · GitHub

We welcome feedback!
Please post bugs in our issue tracker . Preferably with [5.7.17RC1] in the title or text. Thank you very much!

Best regards from Schöppingen

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Release 5.7.17 RC1 · shopware/shopware · GitHub ist wohl der korrekte Link :wink:

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