Serbian (partially cyrillic) and Croation language translations

Hey folks,

Is there anybody out here whom I might talk to about Serbian (српски језик) and mayhap Croatian (Hrvatski) translations for SW6?

  • Presently, we have got Serbian (Latin) with 99% as well as Serbian (Cyrillic) with 5% on our translation platform at Q: Do translations of an e-commerce platform into Serbian (Cyrillic) still make sense in 2022?
  • Second: I know that Croatian (Hrvatski) and Serbian languages are basically the same by linguistic derivation and may differ only by dialect. Would it be PC to merge both ‚languages‘ or at least inherit new translations from each other? The aim is definitely not to affront the one or other party but to make it easier for translators in a manner of not doing the same shite twice :wink:

Pls PN or discuss here publicly :wink: