Scheduler, Order Events, Path to Product Images

Hi there, 

Hope you are doing well. I followed the steps to install the cron and it even showed in the ‚scheduled_task‘ table in database. when I execute the cron & consumer manually using the CLI it keeps on executing although I have a dump statemenet in my cron but nothing gets printed in the CLI.

Also I have one more issue. I have to work with order events

  1. Order written event (OrderEvents::ORDER_WRITTEN_EVENT)
  2. Order state change event (OrderEvents::ORDER_STATE_WRITTEN_EVENT)
    The first event i found is working perfectly and it dumps the data as expected but the 2nd event doesnt work when I change order_state. Am I using wrong event for Order state Change if not can you tell me what can be wrong with it ?

Last but not least. I need to extract the complete link of the display image of the product description page. I cant find its path in the DataBase tables media, product_media. Where can I find the complete path to the uploaded product image. 


I am sorry to not reply to your question, to be honest I am new to Shopware6… 
I am just here to ask you how you did you do to make your first event (OrderEvents::ORDER_WRITTEN_EVENT) work?
Because I have this code and it’s not working, nothing happens when I create a test order in the frontend.



  namespace Emakers\TransmissionPlugin\Subscriber;  use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface; use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Event\ExceptionEvent; use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\KernelEvents; use Enlight\_Hook\_HookArgs;  class OrderSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface  {     public static function getSubscribedEvents()      {          // return the subscribed events, their methods and priorities         return [                     ['OrderEvents::ORDER\_WRITTEN\_EVENT' =\> 'onOrderCheckout'],          ];      }      public function onOrderCheckout(Enlight\_Hook\_HookArgs $args)      {          die('TEST OK');     } }

Hi hope you are doing well. Sorry to say but i still couldnt make the code to work :( 

Hey! I am also sorry, could not find a solution to your problem. 

I have the same problem this event (ORDER_STATE_WRITTEN_EVENT) does not work.

Have you found a solution?



Hope you are doing well. Sorry but no I didnt find any solution to it as of now.


even though this thread is a bit older i’m actually facing the same issue right now and was hoping anybody had any idea for this…

have the same problem! Still no solution for this one?