Redirect after Login

Hi Community,

we want to enable our customers beeing redirected to the page they were viewing before after they logged in and not to their user profile. I don’t find that anywhere in the doc - can anyone point to me where I can enable this?

Thanks a lot in advance!



How is it possible that simple questions like that go unanswered? The documentation is really poor on a lot of topics. :thinking:

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I want also to know how to redirect after a valid custom login. to accoun/login
It worked for me in shopware 5.
but I am recoding the plugin I made for shopware 6 ( code must be different )

I managed to redirect using :

        use \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RedirectResponse;

       $response = new RedirectResponse('');

but I want to use My ContextToken (I am already logged)
to see the green screen (Logged) in the view. but it appears as If I am not logged…

I make a request to ‚http://localhost/store-api/account/login‘, ( that returns OK. token)

from localhost/voxelcare-login-control. and then I must go to
localhost/admin/login ( with the green screen of logged)