Queries about functionality

I have experimented for a short time with shopware via the Virtual Box demo. It looks great I am hoping it might be suitable for a large project. Would someone be able to clarify this for me I need to achieve the following:

  1. UK Ecommerce website (products for sale in UK & Europe only, plus selection of products that can be viewed but NOT purchased - UK - UK and UK - Europe Shipping)
  2. US Website (initially product catalogue of specific USA centric products with ecommerce to follow later USA - USA shipping)
  3. Asia Site (Initially product catalogue of products specific to this market with no ecommerce)
  4. Blog

I know that 4 is possible and I know that most of the other things are theorectially possible - but Can this all be done in 1 single installation?

Particularly having products that are NOT for sale , that do not display pricing information (so for example an enquiry would be made by the customer about the product).


Thank you.