Pricing rules for specific customer groups?


I just installed Shopware 6 and i’m looking into the possibilities. I was wondering if it was possible to add different prices for different customer groups. When googleing i found that in shopware 5 there was a plugin for it. but when I look at that page it says that in Shopware 6 it’s build in. I can create a product group. But when I view a product in the back-end and go to ‚advanced pricing‘ there is no ‚product group‘ or ‚product group name‘ option. Anyone know how I add that option to the ‚New pricing rule‘ bar?


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can add prices based on rules - the rule builder module is in the settings. You can define rules based on customer information or basket information.

[@Moritz Naczenski]( Naczenski „Moritz Naczenski“)‍ I found that but when i view a product and then advanced pricing where the rules for that product are then the drop down doesn’t say an option ‚Customer group is …‘. How do i add that?

Ah I found it, I had to make a rule first in the rule builder and then apply it in the product.