Old theme setting is not removed

In my custom theme (theme.json) I added a few new settings. Like this one:

"alice-h1-font-size": {
   "label": {
      "en-GB": "Product name font size (24-96)",
      "de-DE": "Productname schiftgröse (24-96)"
      "type": "number",
      "custom": {
      "numberType": "int",
      "min": 24,
      "max": 96
      "value": "48",
      "editable": true,
      "block": "aliceThemeTypography"

Then I decided to change the key to „alice-product-name-font-size“. This creates a new settings - but the old „alice-h1-font-size“ is still present in the theme settings - under an unnamed section.

So, how do I get rid of the old version? I have run theme:refresh, cache:clear and theme:compile several times…


The configuration is stored in the database. Shopware overrides existing entries, old are ignored. So you have to delete them manually in the database or build a section and group all old unused vars.

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Thanks Max_Shop
I created an „other“ section. Then I delete all of them when the theme is finished.

// Magnus