Newsletter form on home page

How to add newsletter form on shop home page, as Shopware 5 has?

Also, I couldn’t find how to add newsletter checkbox on the customer registration page, checkout page, etc.?

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there is already a form for that. Try to open the URL /newsletter. But it seems that this page is nowhere linked.

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cool Michael Telgmann

Okay, but that is not quite an answer I was looking for. I was wondering how to inject this form or a simple checkbox somewhere, so the users can easily subscribe to the newsletter.

For an example in Shopware 5 in home page footer there is a small text form for a subscription (like a screenshot which I have sent in the previous comment).

Also in Shopware 5 in settings for checkout, you can include newsletter subscription checkbox in the checkout process. Is this option not available in Shopware 6?


Shopware 6 is still under development and all previous and upcoming releases are Early Access Versions. Please also refer to our roadmap for more information
Due to that, of course Shopware 6 does not have the feature set, that Shopware 5 has. If you miss a thing please open a issue ticket here:

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cool Michael Telgmann

With Shopware 6.1.5 stable now, is there any way to achieve what @dusank‍ asks for, a newsletter subscription form in the footer?

Additionally, the /newsletter page gives me a 404/not-found.

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I have added the newsletter form to my footer, but when I submit the form I just get a JSON response. Is it possible to submit the form without AJAX, or do I have to make an AJAX request / display the response via JavaScript?

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