Missing prices in shipping methods (API)

When fetching shipping methods with api-v1, the prices for all methods are missing in the response data.
What steps did I do?

  1. Added prices to dummy shipping methods (Default and Express) as shown below. Both methods got the same rules, are active and selected in my sales channel
  • Availability: Cart >= 0
  • Matrix: Quantity from 1 to ∞; Euro gross/net: 5.00 / 4.00
  1. In my code I’m fetching the shipping methods with following endpoint 


  2. As expected the result gives me all current active shipping methods, BUT the price property is empty

    active: true
    apiAlias: „shipping_method“
    availabilityRule: null
    → prices: Array(0)
    length: 0
    ob : Observer {value: Array(0), dep: Dep, vmCount: 0}
    proto : Array
    tags: (…)

Anyone had the same problem? Do I need any other / combined API calls to receive the shipping prices as well?
I’m also missing a property which states if the method is set as default method. So currently no indicator on how to know that. Anything here as well?



Hi Hoargarth,

have the same Issue - no Prices for Shipping-Methods

I have the same problem…has anyone a solution?