Login as guest with store-api

When I do the user registration via the store-api as a guest:


I cannot login via


with following error message:

When I do exactly the same, but not as a guest, it works. That means I register with the same body data besides „guest“: true (which I deleted in the body).

Any suggestions what might be wrong, when registering as a guest.

I use shopware 6.4.13.

Were you able to find out how to login as guest?

No unfortunately not.

Hope this can help you. It is impossible to find…
But it seems, that it not work for itself.
Our shop sending a special link with an special order ID like this:

I have replaced the order code that our shop generated with 1234567890.

perhaps this helps

I’m replying to this topic, because I had the same problem, and so it might be useful for people who find this forum post in the future.

A guest can’t be logged in BUT if you make the API-requests in the right order, the guest will count as „logged-in“ upon registration for the checkout step.

The right order here means creating a cart before registering a guest: (only listing the API endpoints)

  1. /store-api/context – use this token until step (5)
  2. /store-api/checkout/cart
  3. /store-api/checkout/cart/line-item
  4. /store-api/account/register – the response header will contain a new sw-context-token
  5. /store-api/checkout/order – using the new token

For the requests you can use the data from the Store-API quick guide: Registering a customer | Store API (stoplight.io)
But add "guest": true for the /store-api/account/register call.