Fields of block are shaken on edit layout content page in administration. Is it a way to fix it ?

I faced this issue. Want to share it and ask is it a way to fix it.
Here is an example:

  1. I’ve created a custom block. It contains 5 cells with 3 fields in each (two texts and one picture), so 15 fields in sum. I marked each field with an appropriate figure to better show the problem.
    Here like it looks like in shopping experience -> layout

  2. Then go to a page in categories that use this layout. And that how it looks there. 

Fields are shaken. The First is a field with the number 3. The Second is a field with the number 1.

The third is a field with the number 5.

Then goes a picture from cell number 4. 
And so on … And it is not suitable at all to manage these fields.

I’m quite a newbie in shopware 6 and at first, I decided that it’s a bug in my plugin. But then I figured out that the same situation with native blocks too.
Here is an example:

  1. I took the „Three columns, captioned images“ block. Also Marked each text field with a figure. 
    Here like it looks in the shopping experience layout.

  2. Then go to some page that uses this layout. Fields are also shaken.

The First is text with figure 3. The Second is the text with figure 1.


Then goes the image from the second cell. 

Then goes image from the third cell. 
And so on. Fields has wrong order.

Is it a way to fix it somehow and have the same order?  
Thanks in advance.