Extend properties within a module, instead of overwriting the whole property

Hey party people - Quick question:
If I override a component: Is there a way to really extend a method or properties instead of overwriting the whole property or method to keep the core data?

For example, i want to override component XY which has some computed properties:

computed: {
        fooBar() {
            return [
                { value: 'foo' },
                { value: 'foo' }

Now instead of overriding the whole property fooBar, I just want to extend it / push the new value to it to keep the core values and not override them.
I would do it with something like


But I am wondering how would I get the core values from the parent component? :slight_smile:

If I am looking at the vue docs, this would be done with mixins: https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/mixins.html#Option-Merging
But the core component within Shopware doesn’t use those mixins for the values as far as i see. So is there a “Shopware way” to merge those values within administration components/modules?

Did you find a solution?