Extend email template entity


I would like to extend native email template entity (1 additional field is needed).

Is it possible to create an entity extension for the email template?
What is the best way to customize email template edit form in admin?

I’m starting my journey with the Shopware, and I will be very thankful for your help.

This helped me out with all the need that I have for the mail templates

Thank you for the link. It describes the functionality from the user perspective.

But I have more technical question - it’s about extending email entity with extra field (for example, text input).
It will be unique for each email template.

You can store the information within a var in each e-mail template or you can extend the email entity and access the var with a subscriber (or autoload in the extension).

Maybe you should just add a custom field ? Anyway I think the settings dialog in the backend will not work here and you have to add the field programmatically.