Edit Profile from Frontend (My Account) and Admin -> Customers -> Edit, does not chnage User Details in Orders

If i make changes, for example: chnage my email address, first name and last name from frontend in user accout (same from Admin → Customers → Edit) it does not affect same details when i check Orders. Old email and old first name and lastname are still there untill i make new Order.

Is this somethng that should work like this?


I just tested this on my test system.
If I change the name under admin > customers > overview > edit and click safe the names are changed right away. This is shown after I return to the overview without a delay.

best regards,
Timmy Clark

Hi Timmy

thanks for your answer, i will show the steps that i did:

1: I created customer (image 01.png)
2: I made an order (image 02.png)
3: I changed the first name and last name of the customer (image 03.png)
4: opened Orders - there is still old name in order that i made (image 04.png)

i am not sure if this behaviour is correct?


Hi Dijana,

This is normal as far as I know.
If you want to change the customer name in the order the recommended place would be orders > overview > „your order“ > edit.

In a order I can of course have a different billing/shipping address, so I can have multiple addresses stored here.

So if the order would always check the customer to see if something changed this could result in retrieving the wrong address and with that the wrong name.

I hope this explains why this is working as intended.

Best regards,
Timmy Clark

Hi Timmy,

Thank you for the answer, make sence

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