Decorate a public function from SwagImportExport\DbAdapters\Articles\PropertyWriter

Decorate a public function from SwagImportExport\DbAdapters\Articles\PropertyWriter 


I have installed the “Shopware Import/Export v2.0.2” module and would like to alter the behaviour of SwagImportExport\DbAdapters\Articles\PropertyWriter::writeUpdateCreatePropertyGroupsFilterAndValues(…)  by using a custom plugin as described via Extend an existing plugin via another plugin.

To decorate a plugin’s functionality the development documentation suggests to use a service configuration layer. The SwagImportExport uses the ‘Bootstrap.php’ file to install the plugin, hence no ‘services.xml’ file is available. The documentation on how to decorate these functions keeps me puzzled: Do I need to extend the generated Proxy class ShopwareComponentsSwagImportExportDbAdaptersArticlesDbAdapterProxy from the cache folder and ‘hook’  into the proxy? Should I use subscribers/events to decorate functionality? Are there other ways for decorating the functionality?

What would be best way to proceed? Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Frank Stappers