CSS Cart Broken

Hi there,

The CSS doesn’t load when adding a product to the cart. It will show me the following page

Did somebody else experience the same issue?

Did you use Internet Explorer 11? 

Currently the off-canvas does not work in IE11.

No, just google chrome. I’ve noticed that the ‘info’ request doesn’t show up in the Network console (compared to another working shopware 6 webshop). It stops at the offcanvas requests (which returns no error).

Did you already tried to compile your theme again?


that was the same for me when I updated to 6.1. i just saved the theme again and all of a sudden it worked again.

I don’t know why, but it does not matter at the moment.

Best regards,


Saved and compiled the theme again. Cleaned the cache and it is still not working :(. Thanks for the suggestions anyways!