Cross-selling and Content Planners en SEO image tags

I want to know if in Shopware 6 the following features will be available or possible or if this is only possible via an (existing) third party plugin or custom implementations:


  1. Cross-selling of products that are initially only available on separate shops.

E.g. You have a product from brand A available in shop X ( When you go to the product page from brand A, you’ll see cross-selling options. One or multiple of these options will be products of another brand that are only available (in search or PLP) in shop Y ( So you’ll be able to cross-sell products across different stores (/storeviews)


  1. Content Planner

E.g. you have a banner or a piece of text that should go online (or replace an existing piece of text or banner) on a given date and time.


  1. SEO tags for images

Possibility to add seo tags for images


  1. you would need to implement this yourself, there is nothing planned on cross-selling between different storefronts and shops.
  2. it is planned on implementing this into the shopping experiences but it is yet to be scheduled.
  3. you can add meta data to your media, additional thing to be added within custom fields or with a plugin

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