Creating an order-delivery over api

I’ve problems creating an order-delivery over api. Especially the shipping-costs I don’t know how to pass the values.
Can someone pls. share an example ?
Just to know the fields and types of values I’ve to pass.

Now it worked. Here is the example, that worked for me. I’m not 100% sure if every value is needed, but i think so.

    "createdAt": "09.05.2022 17:00:00",
    "orderId": "13cfcf2bd093483f8877e4ff6b3c2cb3",
    "shippingOrderAddressId": "9647c4cdb0e04d4ea91ee41ba0c31207",
    "shippingMethodId": "212f380b8aea475ab1d472d93be3c3cc",
    "stateId": "e2d3aa03f8684f53a9f02e5643580a23",
    "shippingDateEarliest": "10.05.2022",
    "shippingDateLatest": "10.05.2022",
    "shippingCosts": {
        "unitPrice": 3.95,
        "quantity": 1,
        "totalPrice": 3.95,
        "calculatedTaxes": [],
        "taxRules": [],
        "referencePrice": null,
        "listPrice": null,
        "regulationPrice": null,
        "extensions": []