Correct way to link to custom font?

I have downloaded a font (PublicSans) and added the font files to „myCustomTheme“ assets folder.
Have run bin/console assets:install (the files are copied correctly to the public/bundles folder.
Linking to the fonts in the base.scss like what the guides says:

@font-face {
		 font-family: "PublicSans-Bold";
		 font style: normal;
		 font weight: 700;
		 font display: swap;
		 src: url("/bundles/font/PublicSans-Bold.woff2") format("woff2");

But when checking the page using the browser inspector gives a 404 error for the font. So, looking at the default file „_inter-fontface.scss“ the src link is like:

src: url('#{$app-css-relative-asset-path}/PublicSans-Bold.woff2') format('woff2');

Doing that, and the font is working. So, what is the correct way to link in the stylesheet?